Hello! The name's Casey. 20. LOVES Achievement Hunter & Roosterteeth. Fan of some other things as well. Just a lazy-ass mofo from Canada. That's all.


about me

Where I’m from: Ontario, Canada

Where I would like to live: Nova Scotia, Canada (or maybe somewhere in England)

Favorite food: Pasta

Religion: Catholic

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Favorite book: Eragon?? maybe... it's the book i've read the most?

Eye color: blue

Favorite movie: I don't know...

Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones

Favorite day of the year: Summer Solecist (I continually make the "it's such a long day" pun, being the longest day of the year.)

Favorite color: Earthy, dark green.

If I have any pets: 4 dogs and a rat.

Last movie I’ve watched: Maleficent

What’s my ringtone: an electric guitar rift. (message notification is Caboose saying "bleep bloop")

What my name means: Vigilant at war

Favorite superhero: Spider-man


…North, come on.  
You gotta get up. North. We gotta go home.
 HEEEEELP! Somebody!  
Anybody… help.



…North, come on.  

You gotta get up. North. We gotta go home.

HEEEEELP! Somebody!  

Anybody… help.



is weeaboos replacing the word ‘feels’ with ‘dokis’ a thing? please tell me thats not a thing.

watashiwa doki when no waifu



Ruby: I get in fights because I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time

Weiss: I get in fights because I’m an important person by birth

Blake: I get in fights because of the difficulties of my heritage

Yang: Lol watch me punch this guy in the nuts I bet he cries

Jaune: I get in fights when there is no avoiding it

Pyrrha : I get in fights because I must protect those I care for

Lie: I get in fights because my patience is finite

Nora: Let’s break his legs I bet he cries

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Me: If I ever get published, I'm going to write fanfiction for my own books

Me: And then reviewers will be like, "Omg that's totally out of canon."

Me: And I'll be like, "Bitch, I am the canon."




Theo Jansen  Strandbeest

Side note: These don’t have motors. They’re completely momentum/wind-powered and literally just wander around beaches unsupervised like giant abstract monsters.

these are both amazing and COMPLETELY TERRIFYING

Reblog if you have a gaming device of any kind








I just want to test the gamer side of Tumblr



I have every xbox

I have every Playstation

Are there really people that have no gaming device at all???

Computers can play games.

You either reblog this or you’re a liar.

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